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Media Coaching Service Packages

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    DIY Media Training

    A do-it -yourself approach to getting media coverage
    Valid for one month
    • Deep dive into connecting with media professionals
    • Create a pitch that garners media attention
    • Learn the difference between paid media and earned media
    • Identify journalists that could cover your story
    • Identify compelling storylines that engage journalists
    • Prepare for your media appearance and how to get read
    • Find the media outlets that cater to your target audience
    • Network and create relationships with journalists

    Camera skills training for video presentations
    Valid for one month
    • How to properly set up your own Zoom studio
    • Lighting & Framing coaching to look your best
    • Equipment recommendations to make sure you look and sound li
    • Choosing the right background (Virtual or Staged)
  • Social Media Mastery

    Learn how to navigate various social media platforms
    Valid for 4 months
    • Coaching for camera presentations for various web platforms
    • Content Creation assistance & coaching
    • Technical training and consulting for lighting, sound, and f
    • Shooting, editing and streaming capabilities
    • Message development and coaching for Social Media platforms
    • Crisis response strategies
  • Executive Coaching

    Tailored for executives, athletes, and entertainers
    Valid for 6 months
    • Learn how to appear comfortable on camera
    • Learn what to expect in the studio
    • Prep for remote location interviews
    • Prep for in-studio appearances
    • Develop messages that are easy to digest for the audience
    • Develop clear, concise messaging for notable “sound bites”
    • Learn storytelling techniques to connect with your audience
    • Learn to navigate and respond to difficult interview questio
    • Assistance with wardrobe and makeup for a camera-ready app
    • Interview prep with video recordings and mock in
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