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Hear what others have to say about their experience working with Mark.

"Mark has a warm delivery and makes the early wake-up just a little more enjoyable. He had a deeply loyal following in Atlanta because of his personable approach to giving viewers their first news of the day."

Susan Tully 

V.P. News/General Manager NBC Universal

"In addition to his warm and inviting personality, Mark brings formidable experience covering news at multiple major-market television stations.”

Richard Dryer

WLWT President and General Manager

"Mark did an excellent job, the reviews are still coming in and they are all great.  You have touched many the hearts of many and given them hope.”

“Even when dealing with such a difficult and heart wrenching story of pain and addiction, Mark found a way to lift the spirits of our attendees and gave them all a sense of hope.  He was an outstanding speaker and very well received, folks raved about his performance."

Davine Ricks

Board Member Georgia School for Addiction Studies

“Mark is a fantastic speaker.  He has a genuine personality, and, consequently, that allows him to connect and engage with his audience.”

Also, he was extremely articulate in his presentation as well.  He had wonderful personal stories to share about his experiences and the stories he shared connected with the kids.”

Finally, he made the students feel empowered with what they doing in the class.  He emphasized the importance of what they were doing and the lifelong skills they were learning. Mark Hayes is a wonderful person, and his personality shines when he speaks in front of others.”

Stephanie Griffith

Junior High School Communications Teacher

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