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How do you stand out in a crowded market? How do you connect with your potential clients in a unique and memorable way?

It’s simple, you’ve got to craft a compelling story, and it has to be seen by millions.

The media is the most powerful tool at your disposal tool at your disposal to help you position your company as the Go-To expert in your industry.


Am I guaranteed my story will be picked up?


In the Media Appearance and Media Contributor packages you are guaranteed a placement. In the Mainstream Media package, I cannot guarantee your show sells. In the event that we are unable to sell the show, you will own the rights to the pilot episodes and can place them on YouTube, your website, and any other social channels. You will still be able to tell your story to a much larger audience. *If I do not believe you have a newsworthy story that we can effectively pitch, I will let you know, and we will not enter into a service agreement.

What if I have no previous experience/ fear of public speaking?

Take a deep breath, you are in good company. Most people are nervous about being on TV. In our 60 minute coaching appointment I’ll get you ready for your segment. Some people will need more practice time than others. We don’t have to release the pitch until we both believe you are ready.

How do I know if my business is ready for the Media?

Are you ready to take on more clients, donors, patients etc? If you are ready for more people, then I can get you ready for the media.

What types of shows would I be on?

Morning Talk Shows, Community affairs broadcasts, and lifestyle shows such as Good Day Atlanta, Atlanta & Co, 11 Alive Morning rush, CBS 46 Morning News, Peachtree TV and Atlanta Live.

Will You come with me when I film my segment?

Some businesses are ready to be pitched and booked within a few weeks. Others will take time to develop the right angle or opportunity for their story. The sooner we are under contract the sooner we can begin that work. Don’t wait until you NEED the media exposure to secure my services. Lets give ourselves time to create the best outcomes.

How do I know if the timing is right?

On site support is not included in your package, but may be requested for an additional fee.

How are you different than a PR company?

PR companies charge you $3,000-5000 a month, don’t guarantee you any placements, and take a few months to really get you a placement. They pitch you across radio, TV, and print media. I specialize in TV because it’s where I’m an expert. I have the insider knowledge and the connections to guarantee you a placement and to get you on quickly.

Ready to move forward?

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