“Learn to communicate with Confidence, Class & Clarity”


A leading executive and celebrity media trainer, and an award winning journalist, Mark Hayes brings his vast knowledge and nearly 30 years of experience to clients who recognize the need to master the arts of public speaking, presentation, and media skills.  At Mark Hayes Consulting, “We understand that, every single word matters, and so does the delivery.”  With nearly 30 years of experience in front of the camera and interviewing guests from scholars to celebrities, we will help you learn the secrets to success to help you effectively manage your message.  Mark will teach you, insider tips on how to look relaxed and authoritative on camera and in front of interviewers.​



You have one opportunity to put your best foot forward, and make an unforgettable first impression. We will help you make that meeting memorable, craft a message and convey that message with confidence. These same skills will help elevate your interpersonal communication when presenting in front of key shareholders, or interviewing for acceptance to the university of your choice. Dynamic communication skills can and will help you in every aspect of your life.​

A well-known and experienced motivational speaker on influencing and persuading, Mark is known for his warm, humorous, and infectious style born out of many years of training and exemplary performance and experience as a television news Anchor. 

Mark understands that motivational speakers involve audiences immediately and keep them engaged throughout. He accomplishes that goal with his masterful storytelling that often motivates & inspires. Great motivational speaking must be confident and captivating and Mark strives to captivate each and every audience. His audiences are entertained while becoming empowered and moved to action. Many who have heard Mark’s inspirational speeches have found ways of rethinking all types of communication, influencing, and adapting new skills that they can apply immediately. 

Parents group will find his presentations enlightening and useful as they struggle with the reality of Parenting in the Digital Age. The skills Mark shares are not only applicable for media appearances, but they can be applied whether applying for admission to a prestigious university, taking your career to new heights or just being an effective communicator. Mark hopes to share his skills as often as possible with young people as well as CEO's, because he is fully aware, the best communicator wins every time.


From the way we contact and converse with our kids to monitoring their social media usage and behavior, technology has made it easier then ever for us to “stay in touch”. But, it has also created a digital divide and created many misperceptions when it comes to understanding today’s teens and tweens. From monitoring their social media accounts, to helping them understand the consequences of one poorly place tweet or status update, Mark understands that one ill advised post on social media can and will ruin a childs’ life and be very costly for any and every parent. Mark will tailor his presentation to your groups’ needs and desires with a dynamic and engaging presentation that will give you the tools you need to help your child and you as parents navigate what can be a daunting and unforgiving digital landscape.​





Master your ability to speak effectively for your next media interview with MHC’s customized media training class.

Video Coaching

Mark has been performing on live television for nearly 30 years. He will train you on how to make the camera your friend and to be comfortable when talking on camera. With class training, mock interviews, and role playing he will get you comfortable and confident in front of the camera for any interview.​

Public Speaking Coaching

Learn how to speak with confidence and clarity, and most of all controlling your message. It can be nerve racking standing up in front of crowd to give a speech. People who have not practiced public speaking can easily lose confidence at the podium and in turn lose their message. Mark will teach you to overcome your fears, project yourself, and your image.​

Social Media Strategy:


  • Develop innovative and creative media content across social media platforms. 

  • Design theme-driven posts to sustain readers’ curiosity and promote engagement in connection with webinars.

  • Assist in the development and execution of an overall social media strategy.



  • Understanding the young minds and their attraction to social media

  • How to manage your teen's online presence.

  • Making sure you don't miss out on opportunities due to less than desirable social media practices.



  • Parents and Teens Collaborative Sessions (lively and engaging training sessions that help the critical lessons stay with you

  • The Winning Attitude in CorporateCulture 

  • Communicating to Achieve PositiveResults in Corporate Culture 

  • Balancing Social Media and Office Expectations



  • The Winning Attitude in Corporate Culture 

  • Communicating to Achieve Positive Results in Corporate Culture 

  • Balancing Social Media and Office Expectations



  • Parenting in the Digital Age: It's More than Just a Text Message 

  • Raising College Athletes within a Social Media Driven Society, How to Overcome the Hurdles 

  • Finding Self Worth in Social Media: How to Break Away and Be the Best Version of You



  • We focus on the effective ability to deliver sound bytes while staying on message 

  • Critical tips for preparation 

  • Practice ways to eliminate nervousness and build confidence 

  • How to respond in crisis situations 

  • Customized and tailored training sessions & crisis response for your specific needs