Blurred Lines.

On Thursday’s episode of The View, the panel discussed the latest, (and I’m sure not last), White House scandal. Rob Porter and his hidden domestic abuse allegations. Guest host Whitney Cummings made a comment that the upsurge of domestic abuse is not a red or blue issue, but a human one.


Why is it that we can’t look over the towering “walls” that are our political affiliations?


The future is only guaranteed to be as freethinking as those primed for positions of power are, and while many young people blur the lines of the music they listen to, the clothes they wear, even the places they choose to live, many draw the line at the polls. A glance at the numbers from the last Presidential election says it all. White women (52% according to exit polls) overwhelmingly supported a man with nearly 20 accusations of abuse. Individuals with less than a high school education—and more likely to live under the poverty line— (51% according to exit polls) ushered a billionaire, and all of his 1%er comrades, right into Washington.


Perhaps the solution to the divisiveness plaguing our country is to stand up for the issues that affect YOUR life—whatever they may be—rather than standing up for the political party your parents belonged to, think instead of who has your best interest in mind.


Let’s forget donkeys and elephants. YOUR vote. YOUR choice.




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