Take a Page From the Book of Some Very Eloquent Young People​

Another mass shooting.   More thoughts and prayers.   Oh and another hashtag.  That’s what our society has grown accustomed to when it comes to the mass shootings that plague this country and this country alone.  No other major industrialized nation deals with this kind of savagery on a regular basis.  What happened in Parkland, FL was definitely preventable.  But this time its going to be different.  These young and amazingly courageous “children” are going to show the adults how to fix the problem – which is the ease of access to weapons of war!  Have you seen the poem Aly Sheehy tweeted to the President.  Yes, she’s the same young lady who went after Trump after his weekend twitter tirade that set her off. 


17 of my classmates are gone. That’s 17 futures, 17 children, and 17 friends stolen. But you’re right, it always has to be about you. How silly of me to forget.



We need to take a page from the example set by these young people and the way the jumped into action because they were so traumatized and so disturbed and so moved to not let their best friends and family die in vain.  I’ve actually been moved to tears this week watching these young people pour out their hearts to the adults who are supposed to be protecting them and yet there is nothing being done to remedy the ease of access to weapons and the killing machines that fuel these mass murders.  Its so disgusting to see these young people in pain, and adults doing absolute nothing.  The FL general assembly even voted down a motion to open a discussion on banning assault weapons.


That was the ultimate slap in the face, and the ultimate let down for these children and that’s why this is going to be different.  It the adults—parents, lawmakers, mental health professionals and law enforcement won’t do what’s right then get out of the way and watch these young people, “Call B.S.!” Emma Gonzales and her friends are not just gonna let it ride.   So get used to seeing these young people push for common sense Guns Laws.  If you think its not a movement, take a look out your window in your local community, as students walked out of class at schools all over the country.  The movement has begun. These eloquent and charismatic students, which are not paid actors, will be ushering in a new age of gun legislation.  It seems its going to take some incredibly motivated young people to accomplish what countless adults couldn’t do. And that is pull the trigger and remove the NRA and its influence from the conversation.  FYI, it’s a done deal.  And if you think its not, try this stat on for size, 4 million 17-18 year olds will be voting for the first time come November and what issue do you think is going to drive them to the polls…I’m going to gently let that marinate for ya.  #NeverAgain