Living with purpose​

It really is the bottom line as we approach middle age and the golden era of our lives.  I woke up not too long ago and that’s what mattered to me.  For the longest time I was defining success like many of us have done.  We based success on the size our salary, the size of our home, the size of our cars, not just one car but also the collective and the collection of them. 


But our obsession with stuff quickly loses steam when it all starts to disappear and when you are dealing with so many variables and counting on others for your maintenance of this kind of lifestyle, well then you know that at any time things can all come crashing down.  Just look at the news on any given evening and we see people being downsized, right sized and minimized on a regular basis. 


“We’re going in a different direction!”  Who hasn’t heard that phrase at some point?  And if you haven’t heard it you’re either a lottery winner or you soon will be.  I made up mind about five years ago that there was a bigger purpose to what I was doing and that there was much more to me than being the guy who gets passed around from city to city trying to please a crowd of managers, that for the most part were all one in the same, and all provided a moving target that you were constantly trying to figure out how to smash.  And invariably just when you think you’ve nailed, they swipe the rug out from under you. 


I’d be crazy to sit here and tell you I didn’t enjoy my run on local TV news.  My time in Dallas was rewarding, and my time especially in the A…aka the Southern Jewel…aka Atlanta.  I met some of the most amazing people and had some of the best times of my professional life.  But, at the end of the day while we picked up a nice monetary reward, most of what we do was pretty much promoting someone else, or the station or some other interest, and there is often times very little personal reward at the end of a hard days work.


But when personal tragedy struck and we saw up close and personal how the media affects our own lives, you get an entirely different perspective.  And in our case the opioid epidemic hit our home like a ton of bricks and we still haven’t really recovered.  But when I shared that story for the first time, it was so cathartic.  I felt like I had hit a home run and done it so that others might avoid that pain.  But, I was also helping many in the crowd release and let go of that lonely feeling of suffering and despair and all of the sudden the realized they were not alone.  It’s not me.  I’m not on an island.  Because quite frankly, while you’re going through the nightmare you can’t help but feel all alone, that's just the harsh reality. 


So living with purpose, takes on many different meanings and many different forms. For me it’s simply about using God’s gift to me, the art of storytelling, to spread the word about the harmful effects of opioids, social media and the communication process of millennials and how Moms and Dads can overcome the barriers.  That’s my goal in a nutshell.  Use my gift to help others, and now that I’ve seen how impactful it really is, I’m even more secure in my decision to pursue this line of work , ahh  excuse me it’s not work, it’s pursuing passion.  That one performance helped reaffirm my feeling that my platform is one that needs to be shared and heard and repeated on a regular basis.


I’m on a mission to help save my family and yours too.  I consider it a blessing to be able to advocate for those who cannot advocate and raise awareness themselves.  Fortunately, through the years I’ve made some amazing connections that have allowed me to even connect with an amazing company that has made some incredible strides in regards to CTE and opioid addiction.  Pro Iv Drip Fusion has developed an IV formulation that may have incredible effectiveness in helping manage chronic pain and help wean folks off of their opioid addiction.  One hundred former NFL players are currently undergoing a study to see just how well the formulation works.


Working with them, spreading the message and sharing my story is my purpose and it feels so good to be pursuing a passion that’s making a difference.  Connecting with people on a much more meaningful level than I could have ever imagined.  It’s been a blessing, that’s the only way I can describe it.  As a believer, I’m always aware of the bigger plan from the man above and how he will always lead us to where he wants us to be.  Stay faithful my friends and find your purpose.