One of my brand new clients had me in for a presentation on dynamic leadership.  That’s what I titled my presentation.  It’s my first gig since leaving the crazy world of television news and going out on my own.  Entrepreneurship quite frankly has always scared the hell out of me.  Quite simply because I had never seen it flourish in an up close and personal fashion.  I’ve seen and heard what look and sound like great ideas but they never panned out.   And to me, some of those ideas seemed like great ideas.  In other eyewitness accounts, I just saw folks who were too smart for their own good, and didn’t understand “HOW” to bring their ideas to full blossom.  You don’t know what you don’t know until you ask someone who knows!


So I arrive on location and get ready to get things cranked up, and I’m jacked up. I mean really jacked up.  I’m not nervous per se from a performance standpoint, I’m nervous because I want to be well received and give the client exactly what they want from a customer service standpoint.  The other unknown for me, was whether I would feel the same exhilaration and get that same rush you feel from a live broadcast.   But I gotta tell ya, I felt even more of a rush and after knocking down that first major corporate client—it was an amazing feeling.  What a sense of gratification.  I was so excited just knowing that I can pursue my passion, with zeal and vigor and have that kind of rush flowing through the veins.   I haven’t dealt with performance anxiety or stage fright in forever.  My issue is and has always been how well will the audience receive me.  After all that determines your success in television.  Do you connect with your audience, that’s always the goal.  That’s how you get your message to stick.


In keeping with my presentation.  I felt like I had a great grasp of who my audience was going to be.  And I was prepared to engage them and keep them dialed in.  I’m a face reader too, which just made me laugh out loud, but because I had some good and timely news items to discuss to illustrate Why Dynamic Communication Matters, I was able to keep them dialed in and engaged. Mission accomplished.  What a day!  The other huge plus was getting feedback that “overwhelmingly positive” from a group of incredibly accomplished people working within a global enterprise.


Word of mouth is so powerful especially in today’s global marketplace and a climate ripened with social media.  Your skills can quickly gain a loyal following by letting people know that you stand by your values, that you are genuine and that you exceed your customers’ expectations every single time out.  That’s how you win at this game.

Needless to say, I feel like I found my calling.  Media Training and good solid Communications practices can never been over emphasized.  It’s so critical to a company’s success and any media exposure is a chance to advance the company’s condition and you have to take advantage of that, and what I always found amazing when I was interviewing folks on a daily basis, is just how woefully unprepared people would be for their appearances.  Good grief man, you’re getting three and a half minutes of free tv, make it count. That’s why during my media coaching sessions I remind my clients to prepare, prepare and then prepare some more.