NiteTables Launches The OWNERS Initiative


Guided by the philosophy that “society will not change until the economics of society change,” NiteTables Inc. has formed The OWNERS Initiative (Opportunity, Wisdom, Network = Responsible Success) to provide business opportunity to minorities, women and other disenfranchised individuals.  We intend to unlock potential by tapping into communities of talented people who are typically shut out of entrepreneurism due to lack of funding and often the absence of a network of people in positions to help the start-up process.


The OWNERS Initiative will be headed by Mark Hayes, currently a marketing and branding consultant having completed a distinguished 25+ year career as a television newscaster. OWNERS will address the inequities in American business by enabling young minority and women entrepreneurs to start a marketing business via a license to the NiteTables e-commerce software and a team of mentors with the expertise required for small business success. The network will address the areas of legal, accounting, sales, marketing, technology and business development as well as create a group of peers on the same journey.  


In eliminating the onerous business start-up costs, we endeavor to launch OWNERS in every major American city. Opportunities in The OWNERS Initiative will be offered on a regional basis. Each entrepreneur will have access to a network of mentors who are committed to leveraging their experience, expertise, and connections to help increase the odds of success. We believe the network of people and advisors is a critical element of this process often unavailable to minorities and women. We will change that dynamic. In subsequent steps, early stage entrepreneurs will be aided in raising the funding needed to scale.  Our initial OWNERS team:



The OWNERS Initiative has begun in Atlanta where NiteTables has partnered with Devan Dmarcus, the co-founder of Black Men Smile, a rapidly growing movement focused on self-identity and changing society's perception of men of color.


Washington DC

Derek Simms will launch the business in Washington DC as well as serving as a mentor to others in the network. Derek is a lawyer and Managing Partner at Simms & Shaw Sports Management Group.


New York City

In New York City, August Knight and Estefania Ochoa will join the entrepreneurial team. August is the Founder of Discover the Nightlife, an experiential activities business focused on visitors to NYC. Estefania is the Founder of Soyyo Magazine, a venture focused on culture and sustainable development.  



Please contact us if interested in applying, mentoring or partnering with The OWNERS Initiative:

Mark Hayes (President, The OWNERS Initiative) at  or 404-510-6674.

Brock Ganeles (CEO, NiteTables) at  or 415-846-2220. 


NiteTables Inc. is a marketing software platform for bars, lounges and clubs and has developed the "Night Out Expereinces" category for the travel industry.