Code Red​

“Code red” is code for “active shooter” in many schools. There was a Stoneman survivor on Good Morning America discussing gun reform. He didn’t even know he was doing it, telling the anchor, “We can’t get used to this, because then it’ll happen again.” Something’s got to give. The adults are the ones making the decisions, while the kids are getting shot. Dare I use the term compromise? Perhaps the answer lies somewhere between gun free households and small arsenals. What exactly do you NEED an assault rifle for, anyway? The Florida school shooting is, of course, still dominating the news cycle. GMA enlisted doctors to discuss coping mechanisms, therapy…even run/hide techniques (be sure to silence your phone—no social media!) Bullets are not a thing kids should ever have to cope with. Parents are buying BULLET PROOF BACKPACKS. There have been 18 school shootings in the past year. Do with that what you will.​

Blurred Lines.

On Thursday’s episode of The View, the panel discussed the latest, (and I’m sure not last), White House scandal. Rob Porter and his hidden domestic abuse allegations. Guest host Whitney Cummings made a comment that the upsurge of domestic abuse is not a red or blue issue, but a human one. Why is it that we can’t look over the towering “walls” that are our political affiliations? The future is only guaranteed to be as freethinking as those primed for positions of power are, and while many young people blur the lines of the music they listen to, the clothes they wear, even the places they choose to live, many draw the line at the polls. A glance at the numbers from the last Presidential election says it all. White women (52% according to exit polls) overwhelmingly supported a man with nearly 20 accusations of abuse. Individuals with less than a high school education—and more likely to live under the poverty line— (51% according to exit polls) ushered a billionaire, and all of his 1%er comrades, right into Washington. Perhaps the solution to the divisiveness plaguing our country is to stand up for the issues that affect YOUR life—whatever they may be—rather than standing up for the political party your parents belonged to, think instead of who has your best interest in mind. Let’s forget donkeys and elephants. YOUR vote. YOUR choice.   Sources: The View, The Washington Post, Business Insider​

Take a Page From the Book of Some Very Eloquent Young People​

Another mass shooting.   More thoughts and prayers.   Oh and another hashtag.  That’s what our society has grown accustomed to when it comes to the mass shootings that plague this country and this country alone.  No other major industrialized nation deals with this kind of savagery on a regular basis.  What happened in Parkland, FL was definitely preventable.  But this time its going to be different.  These young and amazingly courageous “children” are going to show the adults how to fix the problem – which is the ease of access to weapons of war!  Have you seen the poem Aly Sheehy tweeted to the President.  Yes, she’s the same young lady who went after Trump after his weekend twitter tirade that set her off.  17 of my classmates are gone. That’s 17 futures, 17 children, and 17 friends stolen. But you’re right, it always has to be about you. How silly of me to forget.  We need to take a page from the example set by these young people and the way the jumped into action because they were so traumatized and so disturbed and so moved to not let their best friends and family die in vain.  I’ve actually been moved to tears this week watching these young people pour out their hearts to the adults who are supposed to be protecting them and yet there is nothing being done to remedy the ease of access to weapons and the killing machines that fuel these mass murders.  Its so disgusting to see these young people in pain, and adults doing absolute nothing.  The FL general assembly even voted down a motion to open a discussion on banning assault weapons. That was the ultimate slap in the face, and the ultimate let down for these children and that’s why this is going to be different.  It the adults—parents, lawmakers, mental health professionals and law enforcement won’t do what’s right then get out of the way and watch these young people, “Call B.S.!” Emma Gonzales and her friends are not just gonna let it ride.   So get used to seeing these young people push for common sense Guns Laws.  If you think its not a movement, take a look out your window in your local community, as students walked out of class at schools all over the country.  The movement has begun. These eloquent and charismatic students, which are not paid actors, will be ushering in a new age of gun legislation.  It seems its going to take some incredibly motivated young people to accomplish what countless adults couldn’t do. And that is pull the trigger and remove the NRA and its influence from the conversation.  FYI, it’s a done deal.  And if you think its not, try this stat on for size, 4 million 17-18 year olds will be voting for the first time come November and what issue do you think is going to drive them to the polls…I’m going to gently let that marinate for ya.  #NeverAgain ​

Handling the Q&A​

It may be the most critical part of your appearance.  You’ve worked tirelessly on your presentation and now it’s time for the Q&A.  This portion is critical because it’s your chance to interact and connect on an even deeper level with your audience.  And its important to make sure that technically you can hear your audience and your audience can hear you.  The audio is so important during your presentation, but for many of us professional speakers it’s an after thought. Plan in advance how you will handle questions from the audience.  If you are in a large venue with many people in the audience, then it’s essential to have microphones for the Q&A. Our experience is that if you plant only one microphone in the center aisle, people will be hesitant to come up to it, or they are simply too far away to get there. Instead, station volunteers as “mike runners” with portable microphones in different sections of the room. When you call on someone, ask him to wait for the runner. Some people are so anxious that they start speaking immediately. If that happens, ask them to repeat the question into the microphone.  Then ask, “Did everyone hear the question?” If necessary, repeat the question and paraphrase it if the questioner rambled.   It’s critical to include the entire audience during this phase of presentation.  When preparing for your next presentation, you should practice with a microphone. Ask your sound guy or  A/V department to set you up.   You can also consider investing in your own wireless mic, if you don’t have access to professional help. Bring it with you to your next presentation, just in case the event planner didn’t get the email and doesn’t have a mike for you. It would be a pity to waste a great speech on an audience that can’t hear it. I just a gave a presentation in Jonesboro, AR.  I was the guest speaker for the multicultural department at Arkansas State University.  The Q&A was critical for the students to follow up on some of the salient points I made and wanted more information.  It also allowed me to address each student personally, and give him or her the answers they were looking on a particular subject matter.  Treat this portion of your presentation just as you would for the body of your talk, its an excellent opportunity to establish a connecting point.  And once you make that connection you will have a made a fan and an ally.  And remember that’s the ultimate goal to connect with your audience and have them yearning for more from you.  So don’t miss out on a great opportunity.​


Wow, really KD.  You’ve got multiple MVP awards, you finally got your “chip” (championship for the uninitiated!) and you’ve got more money than you could ever possibly spend.  And no we know that you’ve to multiple phony twitter accounts that you use to talk smack to folks who come at you online.  OK, couple questions here, and number one is, “Why the hell do you even care what some whack job on a twitter account has to say?”  And here’s why I say that! “You’re a gosh darned millionaire!”  Nothing people say should matter at your level of success, and you are doing irreparable harm to your brand fooling around with twitter.  Trying to defend yourself against folks that no matter what you say will still have a crazy opinion ready to fire off at you anyway.  You’re a superstar of the highest order.  You are literally one of the top two players on the planet. Not the country, the dang planet.  I can’t even imagine why this would even be on your radar.  There are tons of the companies that would have wanted to do business with you because of who you are and the success you’ve attained. Car, shoe, soft drink & clothing, I know you already know about the 4 jewels of the celebrity dollar.  And maybe because of your incredible riches already achieved by you, you feel like you don’t need to make any more “power moves”! But here’s the deal, this twitter scandal will likely resonate throughout the rest of your career.  And for all those following along and keeping score, let this be a lesson to you.  The only way twitter works in your favor and all social media for that fact is if you are always and I mean always, every single post is all about nothing but positivity. End of sentence. But by nature, we just aren’t built that way.  And what KD failed to understand and his handlers failed to ever convey to him, is that he simply cares too much.  Why, because it’s a battle you just can’t win.  There’s always going to be some nut job with an anonymous profile coming at you with some craziness.  You’re never ever going to be able to satisfy all the cynics and critics that float through the Twitter-verse and every other social media platform.  So take some advice, from a former journalist, who was always forced to bite his tongue, just point your 17 million followers toward your next shoe release date.  I mean good lawd, son—follow the money.  We all know that the one thing that really matters to athletes, on any level, is not going viral. LOL, that’s right they don’t wanna be the butt of any jokes, they don’t want to be on Not Top 10 on SportsCenter and they damn sure don’t want to be a crying Jordan meme.  The trash talk KD will be subjected to from fans and opposing players this season will relentless and brutal.  That can be good or bad. Back in the day the rumor was that you didn’t want to trash talk his Airness! If you didn’t piss him off he might only drop 25 on you.  But if you pissed him off, he might put a 50 spot on ya and make you an everlasting highlight for all to marvel at for generations to come.  Let’s see how KD responds.  The only way to shake this Twitter crisis is to have a season of record-breaking proportions – which is probably next to impossible since he’s coming off the ole Championship hangover! We shall see and we can only hope he plays his way out of this self imposed exile.  Maybe then we can get back to talking about what KD does best, that is shoot the rock!​