A leading executive and celebrity media trainer, and an awarding journalist, Mark Hayes brings vast knowledge and nearly 30 years of experience to clients who recognize the need to master the art of public speaking, presentation,  & media skills.  At Mark Hayes Consulting, we understand that, every single word matters, and so does the delivery.  With nearly three decades of experience in front of the camera and interviewing guests from scholars to celebrities, we will help you learn the secrets to success to help you effectively manage your message.  Mark will also share with you, insider tips on how to look relaxed and authoritative on camera and in front of interviewers.

By paying attention to the details we will help you in every aspect of the media training process.  From what to expect when you arrive at the studio, or preparing for a Corporate Presentation with a teleprompter.  From your delivery right down to the matching tie and wardrobe we will leave nothing to chance.  We will tailor our training program to your specific needs.

Contact us today to empower yourself with the kind of coaching that will leave you ready to communicate with class, clarity and confidence.